Should we add a remix tab to Hopscotch? -Yusamac's GT 👨🏾‍💻





First step

Screen diagonal 9.7 inches
Pixels 1024:768 (4:3)

a² + b² = c²
1024² + 768² = 1792²
1638400 = c²
(Square root all)
1280 = c

One pixel equals what?

9.7/1280 ~ 0.007578125 inch per pixels
1280/9.7 ~ 131.958762886597938144329896907216494845 pixels per inch

One pixel equals what?

Nice! Gtg


Why? What purpose would it serve? Very rarely do good remixes show up. All it would do is clutter the explore area.


Precisely why we would make the tab. So that no remixed projects would show up in Newest.


Scam! Scam! Scam! There is no way that is not a scam. They have the Amazon logo wrong and in all of the history of Amazon, there has been no gift card that looks like that (not that I’ve been checking…) Plus, the website has “scam” written all over it. For example, the “dear safari user” would make the company seem somewhat related to Apple, but yet they are giving a gift card to Amazon? Uh uh, no way.


Ok good, It was asking me really weird questions


Could you please recall one?


Guys, I just found out Christopher Columbus was a Christian!

I am posting this for Hopscotch Remixer’s weekly challenge.


Today is my birthday,




Team A-

Who wants the draft first?


Uhhh, well, I’m kinda preoccupied with a coding contest that has no deadline yet (ahem, @aariv…), so I have no idea how long I have to code the contest entry so I’m just rushing, so I wouldn’t like to have the draft first.


Yeah, Aariv’s competitions are horrible for procrastinators like me… It turns out I never code them unless I am doing a Live Stream.


Oh… Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t have access to hopscotch for a few reasons. Again, I am very sorry to disappoint you.


Yeah, you still haven’t entered your project.


@Amulet_10 :eyes: I see you


Okie dokii. Hallo hej hi