Should we add a remix tab to Hopscotch? -Yusamac's GT 👨🏾‍💻



Still need this:

This is an example of how a General Topic should be used. I am going to flag all posts that do not relate to coding, technology, or the state of the forum and I expect you to do the same. I do allow a quick hello and how are you, so don’t worry about that. :grin:. Since I will be posting stuff related to technology, you will get all those videos about how certain products work and such, so that’ll be fun. Anyways, let’s get started

@AHappyCoder You are kinda my forum buddy. I tag you for this kind of thing.

One pixel equals what?

@AHappyCoder How is the Natural Disaster project coming along?


I can’t remember where I am up to lol



how do I talk to you


You want it?


Oh yeah! Give it to me and I’ll start a live stream right now.


By talking to me about code related stuff.


What if I just want to ask you how your day was


Did you read the first post?


I added a few cats out of 7
And started on the bucket of vatten coding


Okay but

So now I know to tag you on my topic if I want to chat

K bye


Could I have the draft please?


Forgot to say, it’s published


Nope, you can’t. Didn’t you read my apology topic?


Could you post the link?



So now you refuse to even chat on a general topic.

Oh gosh, you’re so much worse now


If you want to chat about the state of the forum, you could do that here. But nothing outside of that box.


@AHappyCoder Thanks! Got it! Quick, delete it now!!!


Okay, but on my GT, we could talk about random things right?