Should This Be Allowed?



I've noticed that not all collab topics use the mass tag list. Instead, they just stick down a list of names with the more known users.

I'm a bit tired. One thing is tagging a friend, the other is coming up with a list of the better known users. I want to ask them how they feel about always being tagged when they don't like it.
Here's what I mean:
Just to name a few. I'm not replicating what happened, but I would like to ask them how they feel about this and whether they like it or not. Another reason why I discourage this is that other users that aren't as legendary or well known as these users (NOTHING against them) feel like they don't belong in the collab. I know some users took their name off of the mass tag list, but people are making up smaller ones with idols who they want to collab with.

Should this be allowed? Explain your answer in a reply!

  • I'm fine with it!
  • It's not my favorite


If you aren't a user that is always tagged, put yourself in their position!


It's not my thing.

They shouldn't tag specific people simply because they are "famous".

I personally haven't had this happen to me, but I think it would be irritating.

Great topic! :D


This shouldn't be allowed,

1) Because the mass tag list is a list for hopscotchers who want to be tagged. Maybe, the hopscotchers that they added do not want to be tagged. :frowning:

2) What option number one said. :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm a little confused.

Are you asking me how I feel about it?


Thanks! It's happened to me here and there. I love getting notifications, I am on the tag list, but it wouldn't hurt to copy and paste it instead of picking users you want to collab with. :slight_smile:
I made new friends by just seeing who was interested in the collab and letting them in. I made connections with other users.



Maybe I'll clear it up a bit.


Not's kinda saying anyone not on the list isn't famous, plus they probably don't want to be tagged. I wouldn't mind, but in general, no.



I have only had it happen once or twice, and that was enough. The first one was by a newer user, so I can't fully blame them. :slight_smile:

I see it happen to others all of the time. It must be a pain!



I'll be thinking about this.


Erm. This isn't the most comfortable topic of conversation for me...

I like when they tag me. It's kind of showing that they know I've handled trickier codes before, and they might need my help. I think this is fine. They are just tagging people who they have seen to more complicated codes, which is fine by me. Anyone can reply and join the collab, they are just calling the attention of some specific people.

Maybe they should use the full tag list, but I think this is okay and should be allowed.


Good point!

I think your point makes a lot of sense!
I don't think others users like it, but ultimately, it's up to you whether you enjoy it or not!


But, I know it's selfish, but it kind of makes me feel bad that I wasn't tagged.

It's like saying "These people are good coders, so I'll tag them, and not anyone else!".

It winds up not feeling so great to people.

By calling the attention of great people, they are also ignoring others.


Yeah, I get that. :confused: That's why I don't really like these types of topics, sorry @LazyLizard.

Personally, I think it's crazy when people don't tag you. I mean, look at your projects! They are crazy good! You are so talented! It's not selfish, I agree with you.



Honestly, some of them are trying to get my draw pad to work with @KVJ, and I totally understand why you enjoy being tagged! Out there, some users may feel kinda bad and left out, or only likes because of popularity. (Which I don't really care much about, it's just the number of times a heart button is pressed)


Yeah :confounded:

I really dislike popularity things, it makes me feel so bad. :sweat:


I stopped looking at trending a while ago, to be honest. You are an amazing coder, and you have a great personality! Once somebody told me something that hurt a bit, and then told me to look at the number of likes on my projects. I was too immersed in effort to even notice!


What exactly do yo mean here^, LL? I'm a little confused...
I also agree about the taggingg collabing stuff!


I am actually tagged quite a bit like this! It makes me feel like people are being left out though, so I don't like it much. I love to be tagged though! :smile:


Like how I would think I fixed it and then find out a didn't and then start insanely publishing projects!


So who are "some of them"?