Should there be an option to report a project as “being copied”?


Well written response, sums up what the community wants really well


Preferably if this is an advanced piece of code it would be nice to credit the person you got the code from


@TheDeliciousOrange Featured projects don’t really matter, we know what is a copy (you know you feature the right one if the timestamp is older)

@ThinBuffalo I copy line by line in a lot of projects (soon to copy your Rubik’s for an easter eff in E-Pad, but I have done music and COAN Timestamp code line by line)

@HopscotchRemixer Credit is always a good thing to have, I agree


Sometimes it happens
But they will remix the project and say it’s theirs,without adding code (expect for the occasional code for the text saying it was made by them)


Agreed. There is no difference expect who published it.


100% on fix glitch huh? That’d be nice. Does anyone even know how it works?