Should there be an option to report a project as “being copied”?


Thanks for tagging us- it’s sort of a tricky subject. Hopscotch is about learning to code, and the way some people do that is by looking at other projects and recreating it for themselves. Remixing is encouraged so that users can add their own code to projects, not to just copy someone else’s project. And taking someone else’s idea may be copying to some people, but it can really hard to come up with a completely original idea that’s never been done before.

This idea is good- we’re curious to know if it really matters to everyone though. Is it really worth it to go through all the trouble for a copied project that may only be a couple times anyway?

Do you care when you see a copied project or if your project gets copied? @omtl

  • Yes, if the project is exactly the same I would like that copied project to be taken down ASAP!
  • Yes, if the idea is the same I would like copied project to be taken down ASAP
  • Yes, if the code is exactly the same and the project gets featured
  • Yes, if the idea is the same and the project gets featured
  • Kind of, it depends (who copied it, if it gets lots of attention, who the person being copied is, etc. Please share thoughts in comments!)
  • No, I don’t care if it’s someone else’s project but I do care if it’s my project
  • No, I don’t care if it’s my project but I do care if it’s someone else’s
  • I don’t care

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If you ever see a copied project on featured, let us know in this topic: Report Unfairly Featured Projects Here [Official]


There’s a big difference, remixing a project is always fine as it shows who actually made it but when they remove the original name from the project they deserve a ban really…


I can see that working! Nice concept!


Let’s be clear. That’s not what most complaints are about. They’re objecting to the fact that the “Remix bug” is being used to remove attribution to the original project creator. When this is done, the plagiarist will frequently make no changes to the code. And even if minor changes are made, the project is still being remixed without attribution.

Could someone theoretically recreate an entire project line by line, and maybe learn something in the process? Sure. But to think that’s what’s actually occurring, in all but the very rare case, is delusional.

Personally, I don’t care. That said, if THT would simply fix the “remix bug” the situation would be resolved (They are aware of this issue but have been unable or unwilling to fix it). Anyone who wished to modify or just republish an existing project would be free to do so, but the original author would receive their credit. And anyone who wanted to copy snippets of code into their own project by recreating it (and learning in the process) would be free to do so.

Then you’d be just left with complaints of copied ideas. However, if the remix bug was fixed, every (unattributed) project with similar ideas or concepts would be the unique creation of the person who published it, with their own code and their own twist on the idea. Then it could be explained to those who complain that as a learning platform, this is to be encouraged. But until the remix bug that allows attribution to be removed is fixed, similar ideas will always be suspected as plagerism. And that’s a shame.


Another option: No, I care both about my projects and others’ projects

Like what @ThinBuffalo said above, this problem can be avoided if the remix glitch gets fixed, and there will be no need for a report button like this.


It is way more common than you would think. I’ve seen Hopscotchers that are pretty good, then I realize all their projects are copied.
And it is super easy to copy a project…


The characters have been changed, but could someone please look at the grid code? If the code for the grid is the same, someone used the bug for copying and just edited the text objects.


Yeah. They should. I mean, copying is still possible but it would be so much harder.


What do we need?

  • Fix the Remix Glitch
  • Create a Report Button

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I think the remix glitch is something where the watermark thing doesn’t always pop up, right?


Why would the grid code give it away? Lots of people make grids in hopscotch.


Must be. That’s all I can think of.


Another idea is if they take credit for a project, when people do that to me ots annoying… they’d Remove credit, title of it, and act like it’s theirs
Just once, it’s not like they repeatedly remix it


I’m glad you guys like it and may implement my idea

(You too, @UTheDevHS, thanks :) )


No, it’s actually not a glitch. It is a bug! Ok, so they’re pretty much the same thing but @Awesome_E knows how to do it. Once the method is completed, before the patch, the chances are 99.9% that it’s going to glitch.


Yes, I know. But what would be the odds of people using the exact same code, line for line?


I’d say very high since there are only a few simple to make, efficient ways to create grids.


I don’t know what you mean but ok…


Honestly, I love it when people copy my code as long as they add some of their own code to it, I like teaching people and when I think my code is being used to teach, I’m a happy guy. I also think it’s bad to get mad at someone for “copying your idea” I mean, how do you know they copied it in the first place? They could’ve just been thinking the same way you were. Also, this app is supposed to be a place encouraging people to code, not encouraging people to not code something.


I found another example