Should there be an option to report a project as “being copied”?


The idea is the same, the project is not, so it isn’t copied.


Perhaps only Uses with a good reputation would be able to report? That could get rid of most of the problems. But it would still be possible for bad things to happen.


But it was a stolen idea.

Good idea, like, there could be trust levels like there are on the forum — the users who are active, view enough projects, etc, can get the reporting feature


Yes, that would be a good idea


Agreed! That would work well.


Or it could be something like the way flags work on here – where if enough (maybe 3-5 min users on the app) report a project for plagiarism, it gets hidden and then THT/Hopscotch Curators could see if it was rightfully reported. If it was plagiarized, they could send a notice/warning to the user and if it wasn’t plagiarized and people were trolling, they could un-hide the project
Kinda like the flag system here and the filter system in the app

@hopscotch-curators what do you guys think about this?


That’s a good idea. That way it can be inspected before being outright removed.


Good idea. There should be a “plagiarism” button or something like that


Yeah, this has been mentioned before. But to prevent plagiarism spam, only 3 or so projects can be reported per day, and one user report. Of course, unless it’s a user that has a good reputation, all of these would be “flagged” before actually being reported. And reported projects would probably get a uh oh, this project has been reported message when they try to open the project. Oh, and if people spam their reports could get those privileges removed. And if a project is reported, and accepted, it gets taken down and the user who made it gets a warning. Plus if a user is reported and the user report is accepted, they can still make projects, (no one should not have access to code) but can’t like, post, or remix projects.


Stop it. Case was closed. Go home. Btw, you tagged all of pomtl by quoting me.


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Nah, they should just fix the remix glitch.


If user reporting was a feature I think there should be a time limit so you can only do a certain amount of reports on people per day, so that way people don’t spam random reports on their friends, which I’ve seen happen here before with “spam flagging”.


I would not say stolen, hopscotcher put his idea out there, anyone can get inspired by it and make their own version.


How I see this issue is that we can have it under the “Report Project” button, and add an option called “Report copy of project” (or something of that matter). The person reporting would also have to paste in a link of the project it is similar too, and see which one is older


But wouldn’t the project be submitted to moderation anyways?


It would really help to have a link, though not mandatory


Ceen. has remixed my projects too! They don’t copy them though, they remixed one of my projects saying they liked it.


I sure did. @tankt2016 said it too.