Should there be an option to report a project as “being copied”?


So there’s copiers on Hopscotch. For example, the two projects below.
Ceen. copied all of ISNBN’s code that ISNBN worked hard on

(Ceen. also copied a number of other projects.)

But there’s no option to report a project as being copied.
Should we have an option to do that?

  • Yes
  • No

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option for ¨plagiarism¨ would be nice.


I agree. Only that THT thinks that this should be considered “Idea Sharing” rather than plagarism.


there is a line where that cannot be such anymore especially if the person put a lot of work in the original.


I’d say these cases are rare enough emailing tht about a user who does it often would be better.


That user that copied ISNBN’s project did it line for line, it was not idea sharing. At. All.


True It was LINE FOR LINE, I just looked at both, do you know how often it happens?


Toatally agreed, I think there should be an email option for now, as these cases are pretty rare, but this takes it to a whole new level. The entire project is completely copied. I think that doesn’t really count as “idea sharing” after all. Definitely needs to be reported in some way or another.


Not really, but that user that copied — I took a look at their profile, and they copied several others, same with another user that copies (i think, or at least stole an idea once), TheOnion.


Should User Reporting be Made then?


I think that this is a great idea! If two projects are identical to each other, THT should remove the copy.


Although kids might wind up using that as a buIIying or pranking tool — reporting a user for no reason.


what about special projects like art pads? im pretty sure most of the art projects come from an art pad identical to that of the one they remixed it from.


That shouldn´t be removed in my opinion.


unless thumbnails are also taken into account, which would honestly be the only way it could work.


TheOnion copies? Could you find the originals, I was unable to.


At least, TheOnion stole @Hopscotcher’s idea of a chess game (which Hopscotcher made)…


I saw the final game, it is not copied. The idea is the same, but the project is different.


Made after TheOnion liked Hopscotcher’s wip chess project.

TheOnion made this after Hopscotcher said TheOnion stole Hopscotcher’s idea.

There was a whole thing about this on Hopscotcher’s GT if you want to take a look at it.