Should there be a Recommend For Featured Button in Hopscotch?



Hello Y’all! I just had an idea: what would you think that if in the Hopscotch Menu, there was a Recommend Feature/Rising/Trending option? I know there you can do this on the forum, but not on the website. I think it would have to be for older users only, and they would have to have a good reputation as well. What do you people think?

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There’s no way to do recommended for trending lol


Huh. Lol.
You’re Right.


Trending is an algorithm that measures likes, and remixes in a certain amount of time


Yeah that’s why I said there’s no way you could recommend a project for trending


Right, but the feature could be an idea…


@tankt2016 @seedlesswatermelon42 any thoughts on this?


Except there is a thing called over pressing the feature button.


Perhaps only 1 or 2 features per day.


Yes there should be only 1-2 per day


Also I feel like on the forum people recommend Stuff for the app all the time, and it just never gets on the app.


It should be under the share button, so that way a bunch of 4-year-olds won’t spam a project for featured…


It’s a good idea but I think too many people would just recommend there own projects using other accounts. Unless there was a way to stop people from doing that it would probs work great


Yeah, I agree with you both. Plus it could be made that you can’t recommend your own project, and new accounts have to be active for 10 days or something like that before they can recommend them too, to prevent fake accounts recommending projects.


You can reccomend a project for trending, its called “like button” :o


It’s also called the number of remixes (that used to be shown too).


Makes sense. A trendy project would be one with lots of remixes.


This would be a good idea, at least for older users.
Littler kids might just spamtap the button.


I think that the featured button would be cool, but I also think littler kids would just spam that button. Good consideration @ThatEnglishMuffin


Yes, only valid older users would be able to use this, plus we could put it under the share tab, so most of the problems are removed.