Should there be a new blue control block

What do you mean?


poked you there :)

it’s a list of every updates tht will publish


What would this block do?


Sometimes repeat and Setra


More blue block ideas:

  • Break
  • Labelled Break
  • Continue (and labels)
  • Return
  • Return a Value
  • else if
  • switch statement (switch, case, default, goto, falltrhough)
  • for i in sequence
  • guard statement (or return if statement)
  • speed block

So I came up with a few more ideas, and I’ll explain all of them:

The Break Block

Allows you to exit from any repeating blocks early. It would exit from the scope you are currently in.

So you could break a While Loop, Repeat Loop, or Repeat Forever Loop.

Labelled Break Blocks

You’d be allowed to give name your scopes, and when using the break block you can refer to which scope you’d be breaking

(You’d be able to label any scoped block including: while loop, repeat loop, repeat forever loop, check if, else scope, drawing scopes, etc.)

This would be a nice addition to the local variable speed update.

Continue (and labeled continue)

All the same features of the break block, but the continue block just skips to the next iteration in the loop. (same for labeled continue, but continues are only allowed in loops)

Return Block

Now you can escape from a “when” block or a custom rule block! If you want to end your code early, use a return, instead of putting everything that follows in a ginormous if statement. The return block would keep you from pyramid coding (aka nesting too many scopes (which is a major concern especially on skinny iPhone screens)

Also, in your when 7 == 7 code, instead of adding a bunch of lengthy boolean logic with and and or, you could do simple check if statements, and use a return block.

Return a Value Block

Return a value from a custom rule. Acts the same as the ordinary return block (the ordinary return block always returns Void) but now you’d be able to return a computer Number or String.

And this would go hand in hand with function Parameters. Yes yes yes yes !

This would be a MAJOR bonus for the upcoming frameworks update. We’d be able to package mathematical computations, like the distance formula, basically creating and sharing our own new Hopscotch blocks.

Else If or Switch Statement

The long awaited else if statement. Add as many as you want. Right now, you have to put your else ifs inside the else block, causing pyramid code again.

Switch statements are very similar to else if statements. I like them a lot. (Especially with goto blocks and fallthrough blocks)

switch your_number {
case 0: run some code
case 1: goto case 0 // goes to case 0
case 2: fallthrough // goes to the case directly below
default: // basically the else portion

for i in sequence

Iterate over a string, array, dictionary, range of numbers, you name it! Great pairing with the local variables update!

for i in “foo bar” {

Guard Statements

Similar to an if statement, but you’re going to be breaking, continuing, or returning, if a given condition fails.

guard Username == JonnyGamer else { return }

Alternatively, you could do:

continue if (this condition is true)
break if (this condition is true)
return if (this condition is true)
return value if (this condition is true)

The Speed block

A container block that quickly executes it’s code. I notice that repeat blocks iterate once a frame, it’d be nice to have the option to speed that up a ways.

(I.e. it would be easier to quickly create tons of clones instead of using the non trivial workaround method)

Wow that was a lot! What do you think? You have any other ideas?


Yea the request seed block


You can ask seed from any player (used to be for seed users…


Does help others?

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Yep helps me a lot be cause in my opinion this is one of the best topics I’ve seen


like this

This is a nice idea tho

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hey, this already exists, it’s just not allowed to every hopscotchers

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O ok then that’s not cool


That’s a lot of blocks that everyone would like.


There is already a speed block in red red blocks…


that affects movement speed. They’re talking about a block that speeds up how fast repeat blocks execute.


Alright then


I really like this idea. :+1:

Not necessarily for creating clones, but for simplifying code that currently has to be put into separate rules for it to execute simultaneously during the same frame or quickly executing sequences of complicated logic that currently consume multiple frames.


Yea this is quite a good idea


Thanks the nice to hear that

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