Should there be a #music category?



I was thinking that there should possibly be a #music category on hopscotch. There are a lot of music creations and nowhere to put them.


I think that’d be a great idea!


I may have made this topic because I’m about to post a music related project.


Yup great idea!

They should totally add that.

Can’t wait for your music project when it comes out :)


@hopscotch-curators what do you think?


Yes. I make a lot of music projects, and I think that this is a great idea!


Special report: I know what song TheDeliciousOrange has been making. (Or at least one of them) :wink: I’ll ask them later if I can tell y’all.


There once was a music category, not very many people used it and that may be why there isn’t one anymore.


That make sense. Perhaps THT should try to add it again for like a week or a month and then see how popular the channel got?


oooooh, yeah sounds neat