Should the Hopscotch Filter be that strict?

The Hopscotch filter filters out bad words like jérk, bullyíng, but it actually makes Hopscotch hard to cope with, because for me, it's hard to find other words, and I'm typing a(n) story and I'm fairly disappointed when something I took so long just happened to be filtered out for "language"
I don't think the Hopscotch filter should be that strict.
I think it should only block those words that we use the first and second letter when we talk about it
I mean, I understand it's for a kid's safety, but I'm saying the very bad words should be filtered,
I'm not saying there shouldn't be any filter at all, seriously.
Anyone agree?


....this topic isn't necessary hopscotch has the restrictions it has to protect us and even if it is a tad bit strict Your should be greatful that they provide the protection that they do, in fact I mean really it's not that strict at all you just evaded it, so I mean really I feel this topic is complaining about nothing

I'm sorry if everyone thinks different this is just my opinion...



Well I was just asking if it had to be that strict against some words


Well I mean like the words u had to evade to show I feel that I'm ok if those aren't used

Which words were filtered out?

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Restrictions are never accurate.

Not completely


Well some parents are really strict and don't want their kids to see that so Hopscotch makes sure our coding community is a safe place for kids.


May you could find some sophisticated synonyms for those words?


I'm not saying there shouldn't be a filter at all...
I'm just saying that the smaller words shouldn't be filtered... because it's way harder at least for me.
I'm not a bad person im just asking if anyone agrees