Should temporary emails be allowed?



Okay, I'm making two topic on this, one in the lounge, one in help, just to get 2 different opinions on this, but should temporary emails be allowed?

A recent comment from a certain person who is of higher rank who may or not be known as @Kiwicute2016 said that emails are not allowed because people could say mean things through them. But I think, me personally, that in order to keep collab bus from being hacked and such that temporary emails should be allowed to prevent "hackers" from logging in, deleting drafts, and 3/4 of the time swearing their heads off, but an email for the pre-defined purpose that which is for sharing a collab password to prevent this is 99.999% less likely to do so, and in the incredibly rare possibility that it does happen the person could always take a screenshot and email the hopscotch team, so, what do you guys think? Temporary emails or no?

  • to ban temporary emails would almost be deleting collars altogether, so pls keep the temporary emails ;-;
  • keep 'Em
  • potato
  • meh idc
  • ban them
  • they will possibly allow people to be bullied anonymously


@Kiwicute2016 you asked if there was anything else, well I think this explains it, not temp emails to replace the forums, not at all, just for sha img collab passwords to prevent the so called "hackers" on the forum from, well no need to explain it twice xD

Is it possible we could get an opinion from the @admins?


I get what you mean. They could be bad, but there are pros and cons for maybe people that are on,y allowed to have one email


I also get where you're coming from, especially because I'm working on a collab now. However, there are pros and cons, so I just went with the safe option: potato!


I think they should be banned. They are just like regular emails! Except you won't know who's hurting you! Still, nobody can monitor them, just like regular emails. Everything can happen like they do in a real email, except you can quickly get rid of the emails pretty much!


If you don't use a personal email, I'm fine with it.



If they have your name face place tomato mom dad stress house eye mouth tooth left nostril right nostril tooth more than one tooth right eye left eye middle eye Chickfila street friend if you have those

Then I wouldn't share it


Alright. I'll remove my tomato from my temporary email.


removes middle eye from temp email


I think we should have private messaging on the forum, that way it could still be monitored. Until then, I'm okay with non-personal emails.


Ugh out of likes........

Also, hallo to a certain boy +cough, @Rawrbear, cough+