Should RP's be allowed? Poll included!


Please don't start a flame war, I want to know your opinion! Be respectful to other people! If this gets bad I will ask leaders to close this.

So, do you think RP's should be allowed? Share your opinion here! Be respectful of other people's opinion. Also, don't use names. Ex: (name of hopscotcher) is annoying because she does RPs.


  • yes they should be allowed.
  • no, they shouldn't.



RP's are allowed but not encouraged, just like drawing.

RP stands for role play.


I dont think they should be aloud. They clog up the different tabs, aren't related to hopscotch, yeah.


I think RP's are ok, so long as they have some amount of code in them, say, they could make the text scrollable, have a smooth background, something like that. I dislike the ones that have no code at all, RP's also clog up the Following tab. I follow some great people who have a great amount of talent, but they RP more than they code/draw, which is a little disappointing. They could make and RP account, or something of that sort. I also think that if THT could, they could make a RP tab, so the other tabs don't get clogged up with RP's.


Would! I COMPLETELY agree. Well said!


silently tags people


Thanks! Also, RP's are allowed, right? I'm debating with myself if I should make an RP and chat account, but then, you would still see the projects. I mean, come on, you've got to think about the people who follow you, as I said, I follow a few people who RP, but have a great talent, but the RPing outweighs the coding/art side of them, so sometimes, I have to unfollow them, even if they don't want to, because then I don't see all the other Hopscotcher's great projects.


....why tag...? :D


Yah. I unfollowed some amazing coders because they chatted and RPed. RPs are allowed, but not encouraged. I think if you made a RP account, it would be ok. People who don't want to see your RP's don't have to follow you.


Yeah, but I gotta think about the people who scroll through the newest tab (I do!) it saddens me that most of the projects in there are remixes, chats and RP's...


I think RPs are okay, as long as you separate them from your drawings and/or code, which is probably what most people will want to follow you for.


I stopped looking through the newest, because it's mostly RP's, chat rooms, and a occasional video tutorial game.


I don't know what RP's are, but it sounds like something people don't like. But: if the hopscotch team hasn't done anything about it, it's probably not that big of a deal! :smile:


Okay so drawers well hopscotch is not made for drawing either becuase role-plays are as bad as drawings! As long as you do both coding and role-playing you most include coding!


RP means role play. People remix one project and each person is a character. They basically talk back and forth as their characters.


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RP's are role plays, I'm pretty sure it's when you use your imagination and pretend that you are talking with other hopscotchers...I have no idea, as I have never RPed in my life.


I agree with you, @Huggingfluffybear! I try to do mostly code, but, it doesn't really work out. I might stop drawing. I will only draw to express myself... Aw.i hadn't knew :T


No, your drawings are amazing! If artists stop drawing, then drawing pads won't have a use!


That's quite true! (Drawing pad bit) I must admit..most of my coded projects are all with some sort of leave a trail block, so, technically, I won't stop drawing, completely if you understand what I mean :wink: