Should Public Accounts be Allowed?


I don't think there are any really, pros of public accounts, besides collab ideas or spreading happiness. They are dangerous, in a way, because you can't tell who's logged on and posted anything. People can post whatever they want, knowing they're covered by a username which tons of people share. It's like if 20 people use the same username "Coder123." Then, lot's of mean messages pop up, and you can't tell which one out of the 20 people posted it.
I don't think you should go on public accounts either. If the mean messages are severe, THT might have to ban all 20 people, even if you did nothing wrong.
Unless there's a way of tracking who did what, I don't think Public Accounts should be allowed.

Should Public Accounts be Allowed?

  • Yes
  • No



I don't think there should be public accounts

frirst reply :3 I can't spell


Does anyone have reasons for why they should be allowed?


They shouldn't, because rude people come on them and do rude things and then make it look like it wasn't them. Ima go on that account to clean things up maybe later...


Yes, and it's hard to moderate them. Really, all you can do is flag.
It would be great if someone could be on that account 24/7 and delete all the inappropiate posts as they're posted, but that would be extremely hard.


I'll go do that right now!! (If THT is ok with it)


It won't really help, because they've already been posted, and read. You can do it, and prevent other people from seeing it though! :D
For it to be effective, they have to be deleted once they're posted, and that is really hard.


I can edit them to say sorry? :3


Never mind. That'll never work. Atleast @Snowball has never been rude to me... they might soon though. I'll just Flag Away


Yeah, but again, it's been read already.
This is why it is hard to moderate public accounts, like I said!


I like public accounts
I think y'all overreact a bit


What is it that you like about them? I haven't been thinking about any Pros, and maybe you could bring them up so we could discuss that too! @snowangel



Sorry... I'm wierd... I got exited


Yeah. I think the pros are that

  1. You get a FREE account
  2. You can kind of be random without being banned from ur main account. Wait, that's not a good thing .-.

Lol. I can't think of any more PROS. I can only think of CONS. Sorry, I'm trying


I meant pros for the community! :D Sorry, I didn't explain that clearly. There are A LOT of pros for people who want to be disrespectful on the account.


Yeah... well, one pro is that THT can always just go on a work they're magic!


Op, gotta go. Breakfast time!

pancakes.... :3


That's true, but they're not always active. Right now, I think they're super busy with the updates and stuff.


Bye.......... (dis is to post so lol)


¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯ I'm komplett against them