Should Polls Be Anonymous?



Should polls really be anonymous? I don't think so. This is so other people can see who voted what! What do you guys think?


I think you should have the option if you wanna show people what you voted, because sometimes it could be emberassing or like personal


Yeah! Good idea!


But someone might want to be honest and choose an option the poll maker didn't really want anyone to choose. Like a troll option or just a bad option. Like if someone thought the code needed a lot of work, the poll maker might be offended.


I think you should have an option if it should be anonymous or not.

In polls, we are all trying to be honest, even if it means clicking the worst option. People are just being honest, so if it wasn't anonymous, the owner of the poll could be upset by the answer- and that would cause drama!

But it would be cool to finally see who is voting!


Yeah! I get what @SmileyAlyssa is saying! So maybe u r made a poll and then you could see who voted which. And it was about how good r ur projects. Someone might have voted the meanest option and could cause real drama.


I was think they should, not but you would half to talk to @sam and @codinghorror!


Discourse is adding it :wink:


When they do, hopefully they add something that makes it different than anonymous polls, like "Your username is recorded" as well or something.


That might be why it is anonymous when doing a poll, to prevent flame wars.


I remember this topoc