Should pixel art be made easier?


Pixel art is so tedios. It would be so much easier if you could put a grid on the screen with maybe a pixel art feature and be able to fill each box with your chosen colour.


I like that profile picture! This would be great!


Well doesn't that remove the whole coding part? Hopscotch was meant to teach people how to code! Not to make it simple to make something! Plus, once you get the hang of pixel art, it not hard!


It's awesome completing the code of a tedious pixel art. This would take away the challenge of it.


Ok. Fair enough. But it would still be easier.


True, but I am really not happy about this annoying, hard, complex, tedious epic! Pixel spaceship!


Well give it a try! Once you finish, you'll be proud!


True I HAVE ONLY DONE 2 LINES! XD It needs a
Check if length = (some number that is never repeated)
Set position to X (some number that is never repeated) Y (some number that is never repeated)


That is an inside joke to @ReptileKing who is sitting on the couch next to me.


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What is good about that? Coding is fun! :smile: