Should people see how many people followers you have



Shouldn't hopscotch let you see how many followers you have and who follows you


This feature could make people feel very left out, if they didn't have many. However a way to see who you follow would be helpful


That would be a very neat idea, but like @AHappyCoder said, it would only add to the popularity problem. I also think there are topics suggesting this already, so you could add it to another one.


I agree with @DragonLover975 :slight_smile:


I also agree with @DragonLover975. :grinning:


Here are some topics you could add it to:


Ya. When you look up,people. You can see who you follow and if they follow you, but a list would be nice...a


Welcome to the forum, and yes, I agree, I have about 50 followers? I don't know!


It's cool to know how many followers you have, but it would kinda turn into a popularity competition, and that's not the point of hopscotch. :wink:
Good idea, though!


Yes! It should have a list of following and followed, not just a number. But it should have a number.

Do you want this feature added?

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A good way to stop the Popularity "Competition" is to maybe have an option to keep the list invisible or visible to other hopscotchers.
What do you think, @Liza? :smile:


I was thinking it could be private, so only you can see your lists of followed and following.