Should I Subscribe? -TitanBoy



Should I subscribe? Like The Project If Yes, If No View The Project!!


I know its my choose but I would like to know yours please.


Wow 9 people say no to subscibing and i am the only one to say yes!!


you should subscribe!!


You shouldn't subscribe

It's a waste of money and not that many features are good


I subscribed.

I don't think it's worth it but it's your choice it's how much you want pictures as your profile and in your projects ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Idk at the moment people say its good and bad guess maybe i will try one month, maybe but its a lot of money for me i only get like 2 dollars every month


Images are a whole new world of coding. Think of the potential, plus their is the new skills update which only some of them subscribers can do, which can help some people advance their coding.


Ehh i get ur point but I'm just not gonna Subscribe.

I don't use it enough to justify my purchase


You should save up until you have enough for the One Year purchase. Then within that time for subscription, save up again and get another One Year purchase, and on and on


Join the freeeeeezers.......


I don't think i am going to subsribe for just images and a profile thing, if better things come out than yeah maybe.


I think should do it if you want to do it!