Should I stay here?



Comment if I should stay on Hopscotch Forum or leave forever



dont leave!


I need more replies to think about this


Don't leve,!!!!!!!!!
Guess what

click here



But @Huggingfluffybear non one likes me on here


I love u I let you join my collab and I am nice I think.


Why would you want to leave? :wink:


🤔 hold on I'm thinking of 1 out of the 1000s of reasons.



You could look at someone else's lightsaber and copy the code! :wink:


OopsI mean this

You liked this!


On my project

P.S. I didn't know you made a project like this


@seawolfwerehorse was doing it because you didn't search! She didn't mean to be mean! Search your problem up before you ask it. :wink:


i even added 2 tags.


Dude, STOP ADDING TAGS!!! Please! :rage:


smashes screen so i cant add tags for NICE purposes???


I'm not leaving:hand::grinning::hand::+1: Hooray


Adding or deleting tags isn't cool, especially when it's not necessary. No wonder Muffin Owl is mad at you. :rage:


Anyone plz close this before anything goes wrong


ummmm, muffin owl got mad at me before rgular...