Should I Report?



If someone is begging for likes, should I report? I saw a project by someone that I don't want to name. That person was complaining about not getting likes. She said that if that project did not get 40 likes, she would quit. Should I report? If so, which category? Ex: Inappopriate content, bad words, sharing personal info, or being mean.


They need a spam one, that's what.


I don't think you should report it... :D

Even thought begging for likes isn't good, I don't really think one should report it. :D

It's up to you, though! :D
If you want to report it, and if feel that it should be, then go ahead! :D


That is tough... I am not sure.


They're just begging for likes. There;s no need to report it. Usually, you should ignore it or maybe try convincing them that HS is not about likes but about having fun and coding :D


I saw that project too. I think begging for likes doesn't really get you anywhere. It's the quality of your projects. The better the project, the more likes. It's kind of up to you if you want to flag it.


I think you should but it depends what they are saying
If so I would report it under being mean as all they are wanting to do is get more likes to be better than others so in a way they are being mean


In my opinion, likes don't really matter. I once got 40 or more likes on a messy drawing and words spelled wrong. I might have deleted that project....


I think you should give them a :wink: Warning.