Should I report it? Q&A



So, a lot of things are on the borderline of report or not report. Like if someone is saying mean things do you report, or is ■■■■■■■■ the standard? If someone makes a violent project, should you report it, or is bad language the minimum for reporting. What if something is disrespectful, or derogatory? Should you report that? I mean, people should have freedom of expression, but where does that end on HS?


Also, this is a topic that could get flagged, so keep your examples PG please. This needs to be discussed.


If something is offensive or disrespectful, flag it. When you flag on hopscotch, THT removes the project from your view, and will remove it from hopscotch if neccasary


Thank you, I wanted to know if it was ok for me to report a really se.xist project I saw.


Definitely report those!

Never remix a mean project and talk back to the maker. It's practically the same as what they had published!


Yes, you should report that. If it was really bad, like really need bad, you can email the hopscotch team about it, and that will handle it ASAP!


I definitely agree with you there! That's just pulling yourself closer to the mean person and making yourself more vulnerable.


And giving the person what they want- publicity.


Also a VERY good point. Don't give the ha.ter that power. Ignoring but reporting is the best way to fight mean/ discriminatory posts.


Most innapropriste projects are blocked by the filter, but the ones that get through should be reported ASAP so the mods can deal with it. If it's very severe, email the HT so they can deal with it!


Sadly, I don't think the filter picks up ha.te or any posts.


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How 'bout this topic becomes a "should I report it?" Q&A page.


I reported someone who remixed my project by putting a bunch of hitler stuff on it. Should I have done that?


Yes! The Hit.ler did terrible, awful, unspeakable things that should not be trivialized by the internet. Always report something like that.


I think if it has a bad word/swear word, talks about inapprorpiate topics, or has some BULLY.ING content in it, it DEFINIETLY without consideration should be flagged. I don't think Hi.tler is THAT bad of a topic to be flagged for it, but it just should't be mentioned because there is absolutely no point in even talking about it on a Hopscotch coding forum!


This is about reporting on Hopscotch, not flagging by the way. Thanks for your feedback, but hit.ler is a very serious topic, and should not be discussed or mentioned on a fun coding app. Your point of view is very interesting though :upside_down:


What if somebody keeps remixing your projects? Over and over 100 times .


That could be considered haras.sment. Report it would be my advice, but think about it first. How does it make you feel? How you feel is the separation between haras.sment and spam. If you feel annoyed or upset, report it!


if it's not related to hopscotch that much, should i flag it? there's an off topic flag...