Should I Recyle/Trash/Get Closed?



So, okay.
We all have those moments when we think that we don't need that topic anymore.
Or, am I the only one, Nya? ;-;

But I'm not really sure, becuase maybe some of you guys liked that topic?
Don't worry, I'm not going to make a bunch of polls.
Nya, Len-Kun.
Imagines maid outfit...

Okay, back to this topic, Nya!:3

So I want to hear your guys' opinions on if I should keeps them.

Say "No! Don't recycle this topic!"
Or "Yes, I don't think you need this topic"
Remember to name it!

Or you would say "I don't think we need this post quote reply"
Or "Keep this post! I love it. Quote reply "

Please no wars over "noes, keep this!" "No, delete that!"

Okay, let's start because I need help, Nya!

Sorry, I don't want to make this one of my topics that take an hour. But I could.


I'm so confused. xD

Which topic/s are you talking about?
If you feel like a topic should be closed, just ask a leader or mod to close it, or ask anyone who posted in it to delete their posts so it can be recycled. :D



I am little confuzzled.

If you want to, you can recycle a topic on your own by asking people to delete their posts.

Then you can use that topic for something else, instead of creating a new one.

Or to close @ a moderator to have them close the topic.






I think that you should recycle when possible, but if it's a good topic that had a flame war or got off-topic, you should close so everyone can still see the useful info without the bad stuff happening!


I think I say "Nya" too much to the non-Nekos, Nya.

I will train my self to not to do it so much!

NO, Again?!

I am so sorry if it gets annoying!
I say it way too much!


Punches self in the head repeatedly

I'm making myself more annoying, but other people on other websites call me Kawaii.

More annoying=more Kawaii


Okay, for the next two days, I will back away from this device, and train myself.
Well back away when I type Nya



You can nya if you want! I love it! Nya!


Yay, Nya.

I do this every morning.


I like Ike.


I have a friend named nya