Should I quit? (Space)


Should I quit hopscotch? Nobody knows me and I'm terrible at coding art and music.


Which is why you should: post more often, code a lot, try to join some collabs, be nice, practice coding, not quit!


I try as hard as I can to code stuff and I don't have a stylus


I don't have a stylus either. I was thinking about quitting then I realized. I just need to try harder. Making yourself known is just putting effort into a project. Find your talent, use it to your advantage, do you enjoy coding? If you do then don't quit! Keep coding and you'll get there! If you don't like to code then you can quit... If you really feel you should.


Another thing is to make a topic with a link to your game! Then get advice from hopscotchers!


A lot of people aren't noticed.
I'm not very noticed.
But is that good reasoning to quit?


Fun Fact: Did You Know That @LotsaPizza Uses Her Pinkie To Draw?



Learn something new every day


Wow! That is cool!
Idk dat!


I don't have a stylus. But I keep on going.


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Not many people know me but I've found some really nice hopscotchers and we exchange likes etc. Don't leave what's you hopscotch username I'll have a look and give some likes.


Thanks for sharing, @friendship2468!


I draw with my pinkie, bruh. YOU DONT NEED NO STYLUS xD


Styluses don't matter. Look at what I've drawn with my hand!
What's your Hopscotch username? And leaving because you have a small amount of popularity isn't the best choice…


What do you accomplish if you leave?
nothing.... just nothing...
You can get more potential


Ok guys i just changed my mind. I know that there are other people who dont get noticed, but @LotsaPizza, one of the best artists on hopscotch, uses her pinkie?! WOW! plus i just started coding so I guess i should wait a while and practice coding more and more. thx guys!


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Noooooooooooooooooo!!!! Don't quit! Please!


Quitting is for quitters! (<--in case it wasn't obvious) search about why you're quitting b4 you do so, people have made dozens of these topics, learn from those ones what you scould do