Should I quit or stay

Should I quit @Liza @Rodrigo and @Montoya because people sure cyber bullied me. I feel like I got beeten up

  • Stay
  • Quit


Votes are public.


Dude don't try to get pity

Here we go again @Cash

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And u were rude first

Just stay but you don't need to make a topic

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I feel hurt inside my heart nobody ever cyber bull.ied me I feel sad


You were not cyber bullied, you complained because we didn't give you the highest status.

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True dat

There was no cyber bully.ingg

What option did you vote Ella

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What did u vote?

Ella, if you don't even agree with this topic then why engage with the topic at all?


She asked for our opinion

Why do u care?

Then why did you engage with her topic

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Haha yeet

I second that

And good night everyone

Cya in the morning

Aww man
I'm gonna take a shower now

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Honestly I don't know​:joy:

Stay!! Your awesome! It wasn't your fault anyways

No why did you engage with Ella's topic if you didn't agree with it?? Hypocrisy

Because, I thought it was a good idea!
But then it got flamey, kinda.

I know how you feel. I actually got cyber bullied outside the forum the other day.


*sings quietly

should I stay or should I go dan dan dannn if I stay there will be troublllllle