Should I quit on pixel art?

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Should I quit on pixel art please reply

  1. @BaconStudios

  2. @Dylan329


No. don't give up. First like and reply


Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope


I should I have been trying everytime and I would mess up @FoodDelivery was about to teach me but he left I am really sad so maybe I should quit


Never give up in life


Could I ask you something




Yes you buddy @BaconStudios


I'm sorry I had to eat


Want to join my colllab account


Pls dont


Sure but im not active on weekends


No way! I have quit on multiple pixel art attempts, but now I'm trying another. It takes a lot of patience, so I suggest you start small and get used to the technique, then do more complicated ones.


Don't give up I know I did when I was interested and now I regret it a lot


You didn't even try to do some pixel art
When we helped you all you did was complain about quitting and you didn't code it at all


I'm glad you didn't give up, and you worked out how to do pixel art


Look what happened to my pixel


This is the code you can use to make a pixel


Couldn't you login to my account please and help me


Never give up. You need to remember that.