Should I quit hopscotch?



No notices me I made a pad then had a drawing competition and no one drew I work on a project for 2 hours and it gets 4 play and a remix that says Your the worst coder ever should I quit???

  • Don't Quit
  • Quit



Don't listen to them! You are awesome! (Sorry I can't join your contest :grin:)


Thank you @Stick88 the people on the forum are alot nicer than the people on hopscotch


Well I think it is because hopscotch (I am guessing) has less moderators :slight_smile:


I have seen your drawing pad and it's Awsome! You have many Awsome projects! The person who say that you are the worst coder ever are stup*d!
All coders are Awsome!


Thank you so much @BB-Box should I do another drawing contest???


If you want!........


To make your drawing pad better so add some new colors!


Ok I just can't figure out how


This is what the forums was made for! :smile:


You must have hsb colors!
Take a hsb color code and copy it! Then past it in the color in leave a trail or set color!


Ok thanks @BB-Box can I have the site?


Don't leave! Your space game is looking great!


What is your Hopscotch username?


@tankt2016 My username is MrGrilledChese


Yeah. I just followed you. You are a good Hopscotcher! Just one tip: wait for the game to appear before publishing, or else bird will show.:slight_smile:


You should not let others decide if you leave or not. :)

You are still new to the community, you can't become a MagmaPOP in one day! D:

Stay if you want to stay. :)


Everyone's said it but


Unless you reaaly don't want to code, in which case feel free.
But otherwise,
Stay, please!!!


Thank you guys so much I won't quit