Should i Quit hopscotch? please help!



Hey guys! sorry i havent been on hopscotch, or the hopscotch forum in a while. so i was thinking, maybe i should quit hopscotch and maybe just only go on hopscotch forum? but i need your guys help.

  • NO!
  • Sure.
  • whatever makes you happy.



You should stay on hopscotch and the forum!! Its OK if you are not on all the time, that doesn't mean you should quit!


It's up to you. I can't help you decide. I'm just a random person you don't even know. It's your life, your schedule. What do you feel like doing? :D


thanks guys!


yes. thanks :sunny: i put whatever makes me happy. lol


Depends. I'll put it in Python.

If you want to code:


Elif you don't want to code:

Take a break then come back!!

Simple :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Short answer: NO

No-one should quit hopscotch! Keep persevering, and I' sure you'll do just fine!


Take a break instead, which is what I am trying to do but it is kind of hard....


The forum is for asking questions about Hopscotch or stuff that are Hopscotch related..
But if you don't have Hopscotch for some reason you can't really be on the forum.., At least that's what I heard.


Yep I'm addicted to hopscotch ..I think I should take a little break during the day or I will have eye problems


Please stay, but I'll respect your choice, whatever you think is best. Also, please stay in both because, it may make you feel excluded to be on the forum where everyone talks about HS, but you've gotten off HS.