Should I...? Maybe...? Read



Should I stop drawing?
I feel like people are getting at me because I draw. Should I stop? I'm starting to feel like I should.
What is your opinion... I want to know.

  • Yes
  • No



I'd say draw less, still do it, but not as much!


Try coding more but I love your art so no matter what people say I think you should still do art like you like to! :slight_smile:


Is it your passion? Do you like to? If yes then don't stop! I personally think you shouldn't. But if you feel you should....


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Do what you think is best for you! Personally, I think you shouldn't stop with what your doing! Art is a beautiful concept, but once in a while, you can try to code!



I love your drawings, whatever you want though!


Don't stop! You're an amazing artist! If you like drawing keep doing it! It's your choice @LotsaPizza. I would suggest to do coding and drawing on hopscotch but just do what you think is best for you. I really like your drawings, they just look........AWESOME!


This happened to me when I started drawing, but I didn't stop.
Please don't


I don't really care if you do or don't

Your still a person :stuck_out_tongue:


its your desicion, your right


I like your art, @LotsaPizza, so if I was being completely selfish, I would really urge you to not quit drawing.
But, it's your decision. If you feel like you should stop drawing, I won't stop you. If it were me, I wouldn't let what other people think control my actions. But all that's up to you.
I would like to see a few more coding projects, but again, it's all up to you.


I would honestly not want you to stop. but I don't want tons more art either. meh.


Your art is absolutely amazing!!!! I know that it has to hurt to have people put you down because of the art you make, but unfortunately, there will always be haters in this world. I would hate for you to stop drawing, but it's really your choice.


It's up to your self like everyone is saying

If you do keep drawing add in a bit more code as well as your drawings


YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION. If you want to draw, do it. Code too, then nobody will be able to tell you that you draw too much. If you stopped, I'd be CRUSHED. You are an amazing person that inspires me. You really are. It's your choice. What is your heart telling you?! Do that! NO WAY should you listen to the haters.