Should I Make More Of This?



I made a pick a number project (not sure if that's a thing) and wanted to show it to you. Any feedback if you want more or anything else is helpful (just not hate). And if you enjoyed the trick then go to GoldenDunk's profile and smash that like button.


I love that! Are there any other ones besides the 3 one? Also, if you decide to do more, maybe add a pause button?


Ok! Thanks for the input! Do you think I should add how it works?


Sure, if you want! Maybe make it where it doesn't appear until the end? :D


Well I saw that number trick before so I was not amazed... But good job!


Oh my goodness... THIS PROJECT IS AMAZING. Yes you should make more!


This one wasn't a number trick, but it might work on you!


That is amazing! You should totally make more! :grinning:
(My original number was 2)


What? How did it know?!?!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS POTATO MAGIC!!!!!! Please tell me how it works.


OH. MY. WORD. How'd you do that?!


@Bubbles4Ever929 and @BasketballNerd
A magician must never tell their secrets :wink:


I wasn't asking for your secrets, o great magician, I was just saying it like in amazement where you don't have to answer lol :smile:


Here is another more well known one


I know that one! It tricks you so badly, XD>


Man, I'm just spitting these out



Dats so awesome

I'm guessing that any number will turn out to be 3 in the end


searches online figured out...