Should I make it a game?


Should I use this code to make a game


  • Yes
  • No


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Yes :slight_smile:


Have any ideas ?? Your the ball game master you have 2 featured


Maybe a collect the gems where you have to tilt your I-Pad or I-Phone to collect gems. But if you hit a bomb you lose.


That well take a while...I'd need to learn now codes to but great idea!!


Come to my general topic. I want to show you something!!




It seems like a great idea. If you need any help you can always @ me


Awesome start!!


Thx I appreciate it thx for looking at my topic


Looks really awesome! :slight_smile:


Can I use a bit code code from one of your games if I give credit @DMF


All 23 people said Yes!


Well it's now a game in progress


Yep, and it's really great so far.


Now that you help me xD


Looks great!


That looks amazing! :D

I'd love to see this made into a game, it would be amazing and feature worthy! :smile:


@Dude73 It's being made as you type it better be featured because it's a pain xD


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Should I post the 1st version??