Should I make Hayday or clash of clans


Which one should I make on hopscotch

-Clash of clans
-I don't know

  • Hayday
  • Clash of Clans
  • I don't know



Clash of clans needs saving files and I think @Paydent12 is making something like hayday. :slightly_smiling:


Yes, he is kinda copying my project.


No other people have made farm games you copied magma pop


There's a way to save progress


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It's a farm game on the app store


I don't think anyone copied magma pop or each other, some people have the same ideas


Paydent12 inspired me to make so in the game I put him some credits


No you said you were taking me out of credits


Then I thought no wait I'll keep them so I can't get a copyright strike


What? {202202020202}


Well I'm starting a collab to anybody max people 3


P.S. You should also add supercell in the credits :sweat_smile:


I want to join :smiley: (space)


Who's that person. V.


Me? (space space space) (oh :sweat_smile: you are talking about supercell)


Supercell is the maker of hay day and clash of clans


Ok stick88 your in (blank)