Should I make an iPad in HS?!




I'm debating this question to myself:

Should I make an iPad in Hopscotch or should I focus on other projects?

  • Make an iPad!

  • Focus on other projects.



An iPad would be awesome @Rawrbear! If you're doing it want any help?


Nah, I don't usually make my own projects collabs, but if I need it, I'll @ you! :wink:


You should check out the Pi-Pad for some inspiration! He is an amazing coder.


Ok that's fine good luck with that iPad!


Not worth it. You could, but what's da point. People would see it be like "Oh cool, next." It's not a bad idea, it just doesn't seem to have purpose. I've seen scratch operating systems, but why? I just go to playing some other game. Also, it is either small and has only few features, or large and crashes hopscotch.


It is a waste of time. There is no way someone can stick with making a project that has many projects in one without abandoning it. Even if you make it, it will crash hopscotch. Trust me. You can create a lot more with separate projects.


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It's not a waste of time! iPads in HS are awesome!


Ohh yes!!! And you can combine your best games and put them on? If so that would be awesome and Mabey like a drawing pad a simple one flappy bird angry birds!


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The idea of making an ipad on Hopscotch (....on an ipad) reminds me of art project i did in school: to hold a mirror and draw all that I could see in it. The end result is not a mirror, but the project was still fun. I guess this one would be more like drawing a picture of a sketchbook in a sketchbook...


1; I did that just yesterday when I was supposed to be taking 2 pages of taking notes on 1/2 sheet section in a textbook (ಠ_ಠ)

2: try it! these iPads just keep getting better and better!


I still don't see the point. Why would you make an iPad on an iPad. It doesn't make sense. Rather than making 5 small games and some king of drawing pad, make each one of those apps, but more awesome because it won't crash hopscotch and you won't have to worry about other parts. It can be done, but it's a waste. I've seen great operating systems on projects in both Scratch and Hopscotch. They are good, but pointless. The games aren't fun, and there is always a lag. Your account is basically an operating system that holds your games like apps. So why? Why waste time on that? It's not a bad idea, I just don't recommend it. Trust me, you could do so many more amazing things.


What's not fun to you is fun to others. I think they're cool!


Also, don't forget to make Hopscotch on the iPad!


Making hopscotch on hopscotch is even more point less. That's like opening the App Store and downloading an App Store app.


I agree 100%, iPads have already been made and the games will be small. Sure, it takes a long time to code, but it won't be worth it. @Rawrbear you should focus your amazing coding skills on something that will really make you shine!


That's the point - to be pointless! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: