Should I make a Shrink Simulator 2?

I finished my first Shrink Simulator so I need opinions on should I make a second one.

Pick no if no.

Pick yes if yes.

This is my game: Shrink Simulator by BobbyS123


you can make a poll in the op (original post) to do this, instead of clogging it up with replies. You can also post this on ytaco

but, i think you can still keep this. you can tag a leader, like @Pumpkin, who can edit a poll in the op for you.
(and, pumpkin, correct me if i’m wrong with anything here)


that’s absolutely correct! happy to help with polls as needed :))

unless you have larger plans for this topic ((such as expanding it into a beta program or an updates topic if you do decide to continue the project series)) and its mostly just for polling, it should be posted in the yctahh. otherwise, just let us know what you’re thinking of using this for in the long run and we’ll help you reframe this a bit
we can move it to the correct category and help you update the OP and title accordingly, so it better fits your idea and makes it easier to get started :sun_behind_small_cloud:


Theyre currently glitching out so it may not work for you, but the gear button in the post, create poll :))

But since it may not work, heres one!

  • No
  • Yes

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Nobody knows, but you can use the one i created


I moved it to #meta-hopscotch because it was in #shops-and-requests