Should I make a hopscotch YouTube channel?


The title explains it all! I already have a YouTube channel you normal stuff, but I wanna make a new one just for hopscotch!

Should I?

  • Make a YouTube channel
  • Don't make a YouTube channel



It's your choice!! I made one!! It's called CodePerfect.


I feel like I've heard that name from somewhere...

Where have I heard it from...?


I might have two, one for HS things, and the other for other stuff!


Making a youtube channel and sharing it with people on hopscotch is known as communicating outside of the forum, which is not allowed.



If it's related to hopscotch, it is considered allowed.

Someone emailed THT last month and they replied that it was allowed.

Check out my YouTube channel

It's actually allowed please do your research before speaking


You used your voice in it too, which is different but still not allowed


It's only prohibited if it shows your face


Sorry, I did not know that THT changed the rules.
@Liza @Rodrigo is this allowed?


I just realized you could comment on my video...

I'll turn off comments if that'll make you happy...


Phase admin and HFB coummincate dthrough YouTube comments


Phase Admin and HFB are breaking the rules by doing that.


I think they still communicated in docs but I'm unsure


Don't worry. I blocked comments on mine. I just now turned them off.


Your voice actually sounds reasonable. Unlike
cough cough
My voice.


Aren't you an adult though?


No! I'm 16! You need to be 18!


Oh. Everyone calls you an adult on here!


Well, tell them that I'm not an adult.