Should I make a coding club?




There are a million art clubs out there, so:

Should I make a coding club with challenges?!

  • Yes

  • No



I would join probably if you did make one :smile:


Meh join if you do! But I can't do collabs...


It's not going to be a collab, if it was then it would be a collab with 20+ people because of how popular I am :stuck_out_tongue:


Whewf! In that case, if you do one me wanna join!


yess :slightly_smiling: you are a great coder!


You are a great coder!


Yes do it! And can I be in?


@SmileyAlyssa and @SapFire, thanks!! Here are likes for both of you! :heart::heart:


If I make one, then sure!

Notice the bold and italic phrase. :wink:


I agree with @SmileyAlyssa and @SapFire, you are a very good coder, and this club would be cool. :smile:


Here's a like! :heart:


Yay! Let's PARTAY! No, lets CODE UNTIL MY MOM SCREAMS AT ME TO GET OFF MY IPAD! Lol I can't wait! This will be good :sunglasses:


I'd join! :slightly_smiling: :slightly_smiling:


You could create coding challenges.
Like have fire emojis at random positions moving left to right and a heart emoji at random positions and time moving left to right in a loop.
The challenge can be coding a character that can detect and dodge the fire emojis while detecting and collecting the heart emojis.
The rules would be the fire and heart emojis code can't be changed and the character can only move up/down on the left edge of the screen.
No cheating by setting positions or increasing speed.
Also all the fire emojis would be clones.

Just an idea, as most games don't hardly have any AI, this would be good to get users to try code or ideas they haven't thought of before


Ooh, that would be a good advanced challenge! You've inspired me to start the club! :smile:

I'm making the in-app form now...


You can use this project as a challenge for your coding club if you like.
Maybe it's too much of a challenge to start with.


This is a pretty cool challenge, thanks! :smile:


Go for it! I really like the idea :wink:

(P.S. If you do make one, can I join?)


You're in! :smile: