Should I leave the forum



This is off topic but welcome to the forums!


I'm a girl not a boy. Also it is disrespectful to me that you guys are talking off topic here when I'm talking about something serious.


It's at 20


Thanks, do you know my Mario emojitecture that I made last year?


I was talking about @Anonymous :sweat_smile: Sorry!


Sorry about that I didn't mean to make you feel bad.


@anonymous 21 is illuminati. It's the 21st day. Monday 21 2016. Monday is the second day of the week. 16 starts with 1. 9+1= 10. It's the 21st century. Illuminati confirmed.


Stay! Just try to stay on topic and don't use vulgar language such as stupid and jer.k because remeber there are little kids on the forum!:wink:


Yeah :slight_smile: (on hopscotch) I will follow you as soon as I get my iPad! Good luck w/ your projects!


They're not bad words and besides THEY KNOW THOSE WORDS ALREADY Jesus christmas


Awesome! Thanks and good luck with your projects in the future as well.


It's best to keep messages private :slight_smile: (which is why it's called private messages XD) please stay though!


True dat


Try to be a bit nicer with your wording it's fine like I know the f word but that does not change the fact that it's bad!


It's just because most parents don't want their kids saying things even as not bad as they are, some people aren't allowed to say those things and they don't want you influencing that.


I'm in middle school. I know a lot more than the ■■■■■■ but I agree I never use any vulgar words and am a very clean kid.


That was weird I said f word and it blocked it.


I don't think you should leave! No way! You have a place in this community! You may have had a shaky past, but no biggie! Just focus on being great in the presence so you can have a better future!


To @friendship2468

When I was in Kindergarden I thought that hate and stupid were bad words. I used to think stupid was the s word. Some other kids might too. Just be a little careful and remember hopscotch is for younger kids too.

If you think you are judged too much and you think it is too hard to start over on this account, then you could create a new account! No one would no who you are or used to be and you could completely start over. I suggest not doing that though, becuase you would also be starting over on all your hopscotch projects. If you try hard enough I think you can change. Maybe you just need to hang out with some new people that you know will be a good influence on you!


Don't leave! You actually are wonderful, and don't get me wrong;D