Should I leave the forum



It's seems that I cause trouble everywhere I go and I don't like it much that @liza thinks I need support and I made someone leave and I just ruin everything! When twenty people vote that's my final decision.
Should I leave

  • yes nobody likes you
  • no no no


And don't use that excuse that I'm wonderful, actually give reasons if you choose.
-potter productions


I know this doesn't qualify, but everyone has a place, the community isn't the same otherwise.


Please don't leave, you are a person I look up to, and I love your thought in HP


You should not leave the forum. Everyone's voice needs to be heard and that one voice can make a big difference.


Yeah but I wanna publish a series of manga comic books and make money so I can go to college again MIT and go to England one day.


I see...anyone can change, you could be even better than now ;D


Nah I'll never be better.


Try it ;D It might go better!


Nonononoono pls no pls


@friendship2468 i think YOU should be the one choose whether you stay or not. If you do leave, personally I think the whole forum would be very sad and heartbroken and would never be da same without you...but if you think its time to move on, do whatever you think is best :disappointed::sweat_smile::pensive: just remember that da haters are always gonna hate but we will always be dere for you.



I think i know you! Last year you were featured with your super Mario emoji textures!


You don't need to be better or change whatsoever, you are fine just the way you are.


Another reason is that nobody cares that I have to go through like a million notifications every day bcause of spam LIKERS, so I turned off getting likes in my settings.


Okay, who said the first option?! Eh, I knew it.


No don't leave! Your a wonderful part of this community and it wouldn't be the same without you! You've been on here for quite awhile and don't leave now! :0


I think you should stay, you're a great member of the forum! Also, I don't think Liza said you needed support...


She sent me a private message. Wanna see? Sorry @liza I made em kinda u comfortable


Yes I was Anonymous, it's really nice to know that someone still remembers me. If you want to check out my account now it is BetaTntman0414. Are you the real Anonymous?


Yes he is. He is like so awesome


Okay, sorry. Please stay though, the forum wouldn't be the same without you!