Should I leave people's?


Should I leave?

I feel like hopscotch isn't a priority anymore.Just an app that's wasting space

I feel like the forum is really overprotective no offence.

And yeah that's it really

I might just have a break tho


If you want to :)


Ok .I will think

Coz if I do it will probably be a break


If it were up to me to decide, I'd say no. But it is really your decision, so you can do whatever you want :).


Just take a break and give @hopscotch a chance


I'm not gonna lead

@Kiwicute2016 plz close this


You decide
Mai opinion: To me, Hopscotch does not have to be a priority. If it can give me happiness, it doesn't matter. Hop bring me happiness, and happiness is all I want from @Hopscotch.:slight_smile:


I agree completely I am too (going to leave)


Please stay!

I love your projects and you are a awesome friend. Please stay if you can!