Should I leave hopscotch? I AM STAYING


I'm thinking of quitting hopscotch. I mean, I can't really code, no one really likes my projects and I hardly play it. So should I leave?

  • Do not leave!!!
  • You don't have to...
  • I don't care
  • Yes!! Leave hopscotch!
  • OMG what are you thinking? I don't know why you should stay!!!



Please don't leave!


Why not? Really, I don't go on it that much.., :frowning:


Um, I don't know............ I'm thinking of leaving too, but I just don't know.....


I am leeving the forum tonight for a long unspecified time.
It's not because of likes or my coding skills.


I have barely any likes and I am fine...


It's your decision,
But remember if you leaving actually mean it because it makes a scene and makes people mad if someone leaves and then comes right back so be certain :)

I hope you don't leave! :D, because everyone has a place in the comunity, we like everyone here!


Code more, then you get better.


Thanks guys. I think I shouldn't leave. Because even though I can't code that much, hopscotch is my fav app. And yeah, I'm not on it 24/7