Should I get the update?


Hi guys,
So I really want to subscribe for the new update but my mom says it costs a lot and I want to know if it's worth it. And I'll put the list here just because.


It only costs $8 a month!


8$ a month and 80$ for a year! U can un subscribe whenever!

Also, you can update without subscribing by when you into HS after updating click the white X to get out of the subscription thingy! :D


You mean $96.00 a year? You counted for ten out of 12 months. :wink:


I recommend waiting until more features come out if pricing is a concern.


Actually, it isn't 96 a year. Check the app. It is discounted if you choose for a year because you have to be dedicated to it, so no way to stop paying until that year ends.


I think there's an opening discount :D


The year plan is still less per month, even when the opening discount is over.


It'd probs be cool but you could join the fridges and freezers who don't subscribe :wink:


You should update. You don't have to pay, but you'll get more features if you do.


If you want to!:wink:


If you want to try out the new features for just $8 only, I suggest just doing for one month.


Hey @codingkit! Here are some ideas!
• Dog walk
• babysit
• do extra chores in exchange for $1 every time you do it
• start a lemonade stand


Ohh, I have a school iPad so I just assumed. Thanks guys! I should have the app tomorrow!




It's only images so far so I'd wait until the update has a considerable gap.
Also, it's $8 dollars ($10 if you wait though), which is either pricey or cheap.
It's your choice!


It's $80 so far but once the discount ends it becomes $100.
So it's much easier to pay yearly.


You get 2 months free


I don't have the subscription, but unless the price is a serious problem I'd recommend it!


You could buy the one-month subscription and make a bunch of drafts with images and stuff and then when the month is over you can still use images