Should I finish this story?



That actually seems like a great idea.



also could I be in it please?? it’s ok if not <33


I think you ARE the character!


that is a really good idea actually!


Thanks! The story is great!


aww spoilersssssss ;-;


but only if you want to


oOH you like kpop.

Do ya like bTS?


Can I?


Ya like jazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz%zzzzzzzzz?


me? yes, a lot. like a lot a lot.
what’s your favourite album?


Can I be a character though

The name is Lucy/Starry/Lusia/whatever

A East Asian girl with light olive skin, thick black hair to her hips, and dark brown eyes. Decent facial features that are mainly sharp and edgy but balanced with chubby cheeks and a small nose so she doesn’t look too intimidating. She also gets a lot of compliments on her long hair which she prefers to keep braided. She is slighter taller than average, slightly built, and leggy. She really likes plaid dresses/skirts and white button-ups. In winter Lucy is usually seen in an oversized sweater.

Bittersweet and chaotic neutral. A sarcastic realist. Insensitive at times but still has a few good points??? Usually nice to her friends and acts carefree. Oh and also swears in different languages. She often wears a straight face and looks very serious but laughs hysterically when she finds something funny.


So if you want to put me in here are my character traits:

Appearance: pale skin, blue eyes, dark hair, skinny, short. Wears basic shirts and pants. Messy hair.

Character: Evil, sly, cunning, straightforward, unexcpected, patient, not trustful, doesn’t trust anyone.


hiiiiiii im glad everyone wants me to continue the story! :smiley:

but i cant put everyone in here.
I could put people in with small parts, but maybe not as much as main characters!

thanks for the support tho!


ahh its fine if you say no but like months ago I asked if I could help you write?? its fine if not, but I just wanted to ask again


I don’t mind not being a character in the story, I’d just like to be a writer.


omg @SweeTeaStuffz

yes i forgot

I haven’t started sooooo.
maybe you could start writing a lil then tag me and send it to me
and i could do the other half?



ahh yeah XD

or I could global edit a post in my GT

but that works too XD


Am I also allowed to be a part of the writing?

If it’s a no, that’s fine. I’d just like any sort of response.


what does global edit mean lol.