Should I draw more?


I love to draw but it's hard to do so on a device, ESPECIALLY a phone! Are there any suggestions? I may quit Hopscotch drawing with the amount of drawing glitches I come across!

ular drawing this is my regular drawing


It's completely your choice! Maybe you could still draw, but sprinkle in some code as well? :smile:


What dudey said. 2020202020202


Great drawings! It's your choice if you want to quit


Btw who is your profile pic? Because if it's you please change it :grimacing: we shouldn't show our faces here because it's not safe :wink:


*shouldn't @KVJ, you might wanna edit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Best typo ever :joy::joy:


Whoops :cold_sweat:

Quacks fren


ಠ`⌒‘ಠ it was a mistypoake


No problem! :D
Just making sure you're getting the right message across! :D


Get exposed!

Thicks and quacks again