Should I do this to my name?



Should i remove the emojis from my name?

  • Yes
  • No


I feel like i should but everyone knows me with the emojis... what do you think? tell me with the poll above and reply with your thoughts. the final desicion is when i get home tomorrow


I don't really mind it's up to you to decide


It is your username :wink:


It doesn't matter to me, but you could always flip a coin. :yum:


i just wanna know what yall think about me changing it like this and stuff


Poll for my name change ends in 20 minutes!!


Hmm I think yes because I always feal like the one with emojis are fake!


Yea... and the emojis are kinda old...


I think you should because it looks cleaner in my opinion, but it's your username! :wink:


yea thats what i was first thinking


How do you change accounts so quickly? XD


lol same pass so i just delete a few letters XD



I'm officially
SnowGirl Studios