Should I do requests


Should I do requests? I'm not too popular soo idk?


Sure, you can do requests! :D
Anyone can do requests, and if people like them, more people will ask! :smiley:
All people that are popular started out being a nobody, but eventually they became who they are today! :D
Could I have a request?


Sure what would it be trail art? Or something else




I'd like a trail art request of a smiling ice cream cone! :D
It doesn't have to be too complicated, just try your best and I'll love it! :heart:


Ok I'll be right on it


Thank you! Tag me when you're done!


Umm how do I do that... I'm kinda new to the forum


You type "@" and then the person's username!
Like this: @AlexCoder202! Then that person gets a notification!
So type @Snoopy for me!


Hi welcome to the forum.
About taking request, I agree with @Snoopy
Tag me anytime u need me @anikeony


@Snoopy it's done! :smiley:


What's your hopscotch username? I want to see your project!


Same as my forum name


Okay, I'll check it out if I have time!


I tried searching up your username on Hopscotch, but it said no Hopscotchers have that username... :frowning:
Can I have the project name? :D I want to see it really badly!


Hmmm did u capitalize the a and c


Yeah, I did! :D
It's really weird.


And it's Snoopy's request :smiley:


Ugggghhh it's snoopy's request :smiley:


Why auto correct it's Snoopy's request : D