Should I Do More Music?



Should I Do More Music?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you think so.
I think so, but it’s all up to you


I agree with @MewtwoCreator. I think that new music would be cool, but this is your decision.


Music/Meme Lord here. You should totally do more music. Tag me for any help


Yo @GweTV could yo help me make ma tower defense game with the music?


Yee. I’ll get my guide


GweTV’s Guide To Making Music:
I would start with easy sheet music for piano.
If you know how to read music, you already have an advantage
It’s the timing between notes that are crucial
You could have all the notes correct, but still have it sound bad because of the number of milliseconds between them.
Check out (what I use) for sheet music. You can also use
BTW: You don’t necessarily need to download or pay. It says you have to buy it, but they give you a preview, and that’s how I bypass it.
This helps with the timing (the 200 column works best with HS)
You can search up, easy piano sheet music.


Shot @GweTV thank you


No problem!