Should I continue this?


I will make it so you can also feed the fish you design,


Yeah you should continue it!

  • yes
  • no


I think this will help!


Oh by the way welcome to the forum!


Thank you so much! I am new but i have been on hopscotch since about September my user is PuzzledTriathelete what's yours?! I could follow you!


It looks amazing! I think you should totally continue!


Yes I think you should continue! Welcome to the forums! @PuzzledTriathelete13


Of course! That's a great idea!



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I've made something similar to that! I could help you if you need any, you won't even have to give me credit! I'll tell you some code and tips whenever you need them! You should keep going with the project! You don't want your drafts section to be like mine. By the way, WELCOME TO THE FORUM