Should I continue on a project?



Hi, I'm (was) working on a project, and I'm not sure if I should continue or not. It's the hardest project I've ever tried, and I'm sort of stumped. I just wondered if people think I should continue. I'd really appreciate these people to vote:
@SmileyAlyssa, @Lotsapizza, @Rawrbear, @Snoopy, and finally @Follow4LikesOfficial.
Here is the poll-

  • Yeah! Continue!
  • I think you should do it, but it's your choice
  • Start on another cool project, reject this one
  • I don't think you should continue, but I don't mind
  • No


Thank you!

(PS pls put code tips below!)


You should continue! The Roman Empire wasn't made in a day! I bet if you continue your project other hopscotchers will love it!


Probably, yes, finish that project. Or, maybe, transform it into something else. But, first, finish your question.

You haven't said (1) what your project is or (2) what you're stuck on. Also, you haven't said anything about (3) why you started it in the first place. Without those things, it's really hard to offer the code tips that you ask for.


Do it!! The more complex, the more you learn! :smile:

But @oio did say something that I'd like to know:


Well, it like you choose someone, then a car goes on without that someone, and then you have to go through obstacles to get to the person, and then you do this little animation, depending on the person you choose. I'm stuck on a few things. How to pick one person and each time the others go away. How to make a different animation at the end for each person. How to make different obstacles for each person. I would appreciate feedback and tips!


for choosing like 1 of 3 characters.

when char1 is tapped
set value player to 1

code for the other 2 characters

when value player = 1
set invisibility to 100%

repeat this code for character 2 and 3

just change value player to 2 for character 2
------------------------------------3 for character 3

when value player = 2
set 1 and 3 characters to 100% invisibility

same for character 3
when value player = 3
set 1 and 2 character to 100% invisibility

I might code a simple demo for you to learn from if you are here tomorrow at this time.
With a character select and different obstacles/movements for a character chosen

Also popularity is no indication of coding skills.
Something to remember in future if you want advice or help with coding.


Thank you, I was just wondering is it possible for more than three? I do have more than three.


Here's a code demo for you to learn from.
There's a 10 second timer.
You must tap 1 of the 4 shapes to select it.
An x will appear next to the shape you tapped.
When the timer reaches 0 only the shape you last tapped will remain and the other shapes will disappear.

There's other ways to do this as well.
This is probably the least simple way to do it.

Another way to do it.

When a character is tapped
Set it's invisibility to 1 %

Code for each character .
When character ?(other characters other than the character tapped) Invisibility as a percentage = 1 percent
Set invisibility to 100%