Should I come clean or stay inside

  • Tell us and delete the post NOW
  • Email THT
  • You should do your job as a prosecutor and come clean, no matter what friends you lose.
  • don't tell anyone, keep it to yourself, you shouldn't lose any friends


So basically people are punished for communicating, right? Someone brought this up in a topic a few minutes ago and I felt guilty because I never told anyone who else has communicated outside of the forum and I feel guilty not telling THT but I also feel that if I tell I'll lose my only real friends. I don't want to tell THT one person but the suspense and pressure is building up. I can't afford to be kicked out of the court team and I promised that I should prove the defendants guilty even if they're my best friend. I don't know what to do...
There are too many people we can trust and can't trust, people who we don't suspect. I'm just so confused. I'm sorry


Do ur job as a prosecutor

I'm ur friend and u win lake me. U have many other friends


@catface4 I just remembered you liked very fast


Sometimes I like topics 10 seconds after they are made...

Sometimes 10 months after they are made ¯_(ツ)_/¯


If so, @razor we need a court meeting soon.


Sure! (Could you help accept or deny some people?)


I feel so bad rn ugh


Who did what? I'm happy to help with this!


I don't know I feel I should say out loud, pick you guesses and tell me


Email the HT, if you don't feel comfortable, tell me, delete it, and I can tell them. :D

And if they get mad at you I will take all of the blame. :slight_smile:


This is a big mistake. There is nobody who deserves to be banned.


I know but some of them have been accused of communixating before and I feel guilty of not telling anyone


Just don't report them.


Okay can you delete your post


Do what you feel is right. If you tell, I wouldn't be mad even if I was one of them. I've never communicated outside the forum though


Do you job, I would say to myself if I were you

But you can make the choice
Do what YOU think is right


Look at the court topic to see the deets


I would say come clean.

Confession: kaykay messaged me on musicly and I messaged back once

Should I be suspended?


The message was asking how Murphy found their account, tou saying you didn't know, and we moved on. But it's actually scary how murohy found your account, man


Yah. Should I be in trouble though?