Should I change my profile picture? 🤔🤔



Its currently set to a pikachu puppet, (pikachu from Pokemon, puppet from five nights at freddys) that I drew. It's been like that for a while. Should I change it?

  • Yes
  • No


Votes are public.

I like it as it is, but I like change too. And I could always change it back :smile::smile:
If you vote to change it, you can suggest something to me.

Have fun 😃😁😀😄


I can barely tell what it is at all, you should probably change it if you want people to know what you drew


I don't know, it's your choice!


I clicked that accidentaly. I think you should decide for yourself if you change it.


It is a pikachu, obviously.


You can only barely see that if you click on the profile picture and look closely.


@TACOCODE @Explorer_ I want to change but I also wanna keep lol that's why I made this


I can see it just fine. It's one of my favorite drawings


Lol I guess I'll change it to a different drawing since everyone is voting yes lol


Changed it lol


I love it! It's really cute. :D

       It's your choice idk haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Thank you! I have a lot of notifications now lol