Should I change my name?



I really love the tv show OnceUponATime, as you all now. But i've been growing out of it, developing new intrests and i'm thinking about changing my name, and I really need your opinion. Should I change my name? And if so, what to? I'm clueless.


Hmm I love your name but what about elegantRainbowS​:yum:


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That's cute! I'll think about it... Plus if I had that name, I wouldn't have to sign my stuff -O, I could sign it -ERS​:yum:!


Well, I really love to read and to play tennis, I'm in love with words like silky, fliud, smooth...they sound exactly like the are! Congrats, english languege! I love dogs, and big cats. I also love the color purple.


do you mean changing your name in hopscotch?


Yeah. Not my real n.ame, I'm not legally old enough to do that.


strong text


SmoothTennisCat? That sounds good...


i also had trouble coming up with names


Thats kinda hard on the tongue though..:B

  • OnceUponATime
  • ElegantRainbow


(I made it editable so people can add their own username ideas)


This is cool! I'd like to see what some people come up with for this...